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Fisher Ice Control Spreaders

Sarris Truck Equipment is a Fisher® repair service and dealership.  Fisher® is a National leader in snow and ice control products.  We offer a full line of Fisher® snow removal products including plows and spreaders.

Whether you're a homeowner, small business owner, professional snow plower - town or city - Fisher® has a spreader to fit your needs and Sarris Truck Equipment has the expertise to help you choose the right spreader for your vehicle.  Click on the Fisher® logo to the left to see Fisher's entire line of spreaders and snow removal equipment.

Here are some spreaders for you to consider.  For more information on each Fisher® spreader, click on the model name.

STEEL-CASTER™ Stainless Steel Hopper Spreader

Steel-Caster Spreader Video Fisher Spreader - Steel Caster - Available through Sarris Truck Equipment, Waltham, MA.

Worth It's Salt
When it comes to engineering
Steel Caster Spreader by Fisher - sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment.excellence, small details can make a big difference in the efficiency and profitability of your de-icing activity. The low-maintenance, rust-resistant STEEL-CASTER stainless steel hopper spreader was designed to maximize material control and minimize waste. With dual electric motors and enhanced variable-speed control the STEEL-CASTER hopper spreader is available in six sizes for pickup, dump body and flatbed trucks. Gas and hydraulic options also available.

POLY-CASTER™ Hopper SpreaderPoly Caster Spreader by Fisher - sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment.

Poly-Caster Spreader Video The Art of Ice Control

The ability to precisely match material delivery and spread pattern to surface conditions is a fine art. The dual-motor FISHER® POLY-CASTER™ Hopper Spreader gives you independent control of the conveyor and the spinner so you can do just that. Combine this quiet electric-drive system with the rustproof double-wall poly hopper and you have the ultimate in de-icing performance. 

PRO-CASTER™ Hopper SpreaderPro Caster Spreader by Fisher - sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment. 

Pattern of Excellence

For precise ice control performance, check out the FISHER
® PRO-CASTER™ V-box Spreaders that set the industry standard for excellence. Available in 8’ and 10’ body lengths in either stainless steel or powder-coated steel, the PRO-CASTER Hopper Spreader mounts easily on pick-up, dump or platform trucks. With advanced conveyor and drive systems, you get ice control that is nothing short of perfection.

SPEED-CASTER™ 2 Tailgate SpreaderSpeed Caster Spreader by Fisher - sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment.

SPEED-CASTER Video Click to see video on Fisher Speed-Caster Tailgate Spreader.

Prepare for Ice Season
When the storms hit, be ready to control ice on parking lots of any size with the SPEED-CASTER™ 2 Tailgate Spreader, featuring a 2-stage delivery system that can handle all types of de-icing material, even wet sand! It’s easy to remove and reinstall without tools.

Low Profile Tailgate Spreaders

Tailgate Spreader by Fisher - sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment.Low Profile Tailgate Spreaders
For the ultimate in convenience and performance, this line of Low Profile Tailgate Spreaders provides a clear view from the cab. Low Profile Spreaders are ideal for spreading #1 rock salt, calcium chloride and other de-icing materials. So when you’ve got slippery driveways and parking lots to control, and you don’t want bulky spreaders blocking the view, the difference is clear with FISHER

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® Products

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With 30 different options to choose from, the FISHER® Spreader Selector can make it easy to narrow the list down to the best choices for your needs. Find out which FISHER spreaders will fit your fleet.




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