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Skid Steer Plows by Hiniker

Sarris Truck Equipment offers a fine selection of skid steer plows by Hiniker. We offer quality products at competitive prices backed by great service.

Here are some skid steer plows Sarris has to offer.  Read below to find out more, then call us if you have additional questions or you want to place an order.

Conventional Plow - Series 2275/2280

BIG OX snowplows feature superior strength for professional performance.

  • Tubular box-section frames

  • Reinforced 30-inch high 12-gauge moldboard

  • Moldboard floats and oscillates to clean uneven surfacesSkid Steer Plows by Hiniker, sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment, Waltham, MA

  • Full moldboard trip with dual compression springs

  • Universal mounting plate attachment

  • Abrasion resistant sheathing protects hydraulic hoses

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BIG OX C-PLOW - Series 2881/2891

THE BIG OX C-PLOW in pull position makes backdragging parking lots, loading docks and driveways a breeze.

Get the performance of a conventional plow and the added versatility of a backdrag plow in a single unit. Cut through snow with the power of a conventional plow. Then, with push-button ease, capture and pull snow as the blade transforms into a backdrag plow. Tight spaces, building edges, loading docks, curbs and corners are cleared quickly and easily.

  • Compare Speed andSkid Steer Plows by Hiniker, sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment, Waltham, MA efficiency. The C-Plow lets you move more snow in less time.

  • Converts from a conventional plow to a backdrag plow with the touch of a button.

  • Complete snow removal without a separate backdrag plow or loader.


BIG OX V-Plow -  Series 29851/29951

Versatile BIG OX V-Plows operate in V, scoop, angle or straight positions.Skid Steer Plows by Hiniker, sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment, Waltham, MA

  • High-clearance trip-edge protection

  • Two-way hydraulics provide full moldboard control in V, scoop, left, right or straight modes

  • Box-section steel-tube frame for long-term strength

  • Abrasion-resistant sheathing protects hydraulic hoses from wear

  • Universal mount plate for easy hook-up


SCOOP PLOW - Series 2680/2690

  • Concave shape captures snow to efficiently clear lots and parking areas. Angles left or right for conventional plowing.

  • Outer end is angled forward at 50 in full left or right position, reducing high-side spillage.

  • 20 Fixed-angle outer ends

  • Conventional plow weight and simplicity

  • V-Plow capacity and efficiency


LOADER SNOWPLOW -  Series 260/270/276

Easy hook-up to any loader equipped with a skid steer universal attachment plate. Dual springs provide full trip protection. Six horizontal and two diagonal ribs strengthen the moldboard.

Skid Steer Plows by Hiniker, sold and installed by Sarris Truck Equipment, Waltham, MAOscillating, floating design follows uneven and rutted surfaces for cleaner plowing. Slick HMW poly moldboard is dent-resistant and corrosion free.

Now available with universal skid-steer style mount or John Deere loader mount.



Sarris Truck Equipment  sells and installs Hiniker Skid Steer Plows


Timbren SES - Suspension Enhancement Systems



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